Research in the Center for Mobile Machinery (CMM) focuses on the following key topics:

Automation and Machine Learning

In industrial production, processes and machines are now increasingly automated to increase productivity, ensure consistent quality and improve people’s safety. Due to constantly changing, highly polluted environments as well as the wide range of tasks, the construction and agricultural machine industry is confronted with additional requirements for automation solutions, which render transfer of known approaches difficult. For this reason, the CMM investigates options for the automation of mobile machinery. Applications range from partial automation of individual tasks to scenarios with self-learning, autonomous machines.

Quantitative Reliability Assessment and Predictive Maintenance

Reliability and availability of mobile machinery are important parameters, which have a direct and fundamental impact on planning security and costs of processes. For instance, using predictive maintenance management can significantly increase availability and hence economic use of mobile machinery. This is why the CMM aims to develop methods for the quantitative assessment of the state of a machine and model-based estimation of its remaining life time.

Disruptive Machine Concepts

Conventional machine designs that rely on manual operation must be critically questioned to best utilize the potential of modern technologies for digitalization and automation. The CMM therefore explores disruptive machine designs that primarily follow efficient design of construction processes and at the same time offer improved automation capability with few sensor requirements.

Efficient Drive Technology

Problems pertaining to CO2 as well as current and future legislation to reduce greenhouse gas require modern, efficient and environmentally compatible drive concepts. To meet all these requirements, the CMM combines the advantages of mechanical, hydraulic and electric drive solutions and develops innovative drive technologies. This for instance includes electric high-speed drives as well as electric and hydraulic power-split transmissions. Continuing research and further development of storage concepts also allow for new hybridization options.

Digital Transformation and Process Management

To fully exploit the economic potential of mobile machinery, efficient and flexible planning of machine use as well as required resources and actors are necessary in addition to high availability rates. In the CMM, opportunities of holistic process optimization by means of digital data collection are researched and impacts of digital transformation and automation on construction processes are investigated to this end.